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My Story

While I have enjoyed every one of my Scentsy products since first becoming a customer, having to unexpectedly leave my full time job in September 2013 opened my eyes to the opportunity of selling it when it became available in Australia! A great product, an affordable price to join and making extra income for my family? I saw Scentsy as a win, win for us at the time and decided to join. I had nothing to lose.

Little did I know that joining Scentsy would changed my life and others in so many ways! I went from joining to be my own best customer and earn some extra spending money to promoting 5 times and leading my own growing team! I have won awards, incentives and free holidays and earned income along the way. I have also gained more confidence thanks to opportunities to present in front of fellow Scentsy consultants. I would not be where I am today without the support of my customers, team and my up-line! Scentsy has helped my family to have an improved lifestyle and opportunities, which we are incredibly thankful for. I have been able to help pay bills, allow us to go on more family adventures and say yes to our childrens requests more often. We have been able to afford better education opportunities for our children and have more time to spend with our children and friends.

If you would like to join my team, or you would like more information click the JOIN button or email me ( or call anytime (0478-393-800)! I would love to share my personal success story and that of others on my team with you!

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